It will be a lot easier for out of towners to book a hotel room when they are visiting The Queen City. From sporting events to concerts, canalside to Niagara Falls, the breweries and everything else in between there is so much to do here in Western New York.

Now because we live here finding a place to stay is not an issue. But if you ever traveled you know how frustrating trying to find a clean, comfortable, affordable place to stay in can be. Well, now it looks like people coming to Buffalo will have their choice from over 737 rooms. And that is just from one hotel owner. With all of his property acquisitions, including the latest The Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building, Douglas Jemal just became the city's largest hotelier. According to WGRZ

Buffalo Business First also reports that the rooms are a total of the  396-room Hyatt Regency Hotel,  the Hotel Henry with an 88-room boutique hotel and conference center, 183 rooms inside the Statler, with plans on turning the Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building into a 70-room boutique hotel.

Now I was told there would be no math but that does add up to 737. That's a lot of real estate with a lot of rooms which means a lot of job opportunities for a lot of residents. This will all not be happening overnight, but it will be happening and that is something to be excited about. Something is happening.


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