Buffalo is starting to "Talk Proud" once again. The Buffalo Bills are getting recognized on the national level for all the right reasons. Downtown business is starting to get back to the hustle and bustle of the people wanting to eat, drink, shop, and be entertained.

The latest ‘Rock Star’ to emerge turns out to be a big fan of the architecture in Buffalo and as fate would have it, he is well-financed and knows a thing or two about property development.

Douglas Jemal owns many properties around the downtown area including national landmark The Statler Hotel and he just recently purchased The Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building located at 65 Court Street. It’s located next to The Statler and across the street from The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. And there is no doubt that Mr. Jemal will start renovation and restoring everything he acquires.

Well, it looks like now The Convention Center will be getting some T-L-C as well. According to WIVB

There is no arguing The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center can use some work. As one person on Twitter stated:

It looks great on the outside too bad the inside is still a dump.

Ouch. As far as getting a brand spanking new center. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said that the project is not a top priority at this time.

Here is an idea. Why not combine The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center with Highmark Stadium and call it The Highmark Buffalo Niagara Convention Stadium? Yeah, that is why I just share information about other people's ideas and visions instead of my own.


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