Interesting timing, huh?

Jim Kelly's nephew Chad Kelly, who was signed with Denver Broncos and then the Colts before being released this past Fall, reportedly will soon be working out with the Buffalo Bills.

So many questions come from this that people have been asking: Does this mean they aren't satisfied with the quarterbacks on the practice squad? Do the Bills really just want an inside look at the Colts playbook? Did Jim Kelly hook him up?

The answer could be yes to all of these, so it will be interesting to see what the outcome is. The Bills take on the Colts this Saturday in the AFC Wild Card game at 1:05 pm.

Kelly went to high school at St. Joes and played quarterback there.

The Buffalo Bills signed two guys with stories yesterday to the practice squad.

Veteran wide receiver Kenny Stills, who spent time with the Miami Dolphins and most recently, the Houston Texans before mutually parting ways.

And Josh Allen's former Wyoming teammate, Tanner Gentry (he is 2 years older than Allen) was also signed to the Buffalo Bills practice squad. He spent some time with the Chicago Bears previously in 2017.

In order to make room for these two on the practice squad, the Buffalo Bills released receivers, Gary Jennings and J.J. Nelson.

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