This video of Thurman Thomas came across my Twitter feed earlier today and it serves as a reminder of just how good the Buffalo Bills were in the 90's.

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I actually remember watching this game back in 1990, it was Sunday, November 18, 1990, and it was a pretty mild afternoon. I bunch of friends and I just got done playing some street football before the Bills game came on.

Buffalo was playing New England this day and the entire family was excited. Especially because I had spent some time living up in the New England area, so I was getting a little slack for talking funny. It was really funny when I would ask for a soda, instead of pop.

You just knew Thurman was going to score as soon as he broke through the line. After he received those first couple of blocks, shed that tackle after his second cut, and then it was off to the races.

80 yards later, touchdown Buffalo!

My entire family went wild when Thurman finished this run and scored that touchdown. The screaming, hooting, and hollering. It was pandemonium in the Jackson household.

Every kid back then who played running back wanted to be Thurman Thomas. That next summer I remember going to my high school football coach asking to change my position from defensive back to running back. Of course, that was never going to happen because DJ Hassan was the star running back for the Bennett Tigers for the next two years.

Thank you @BillsVHS on Twitter for sharing this video!

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