"Click It or Ticket" is a campaign to promote that wearing your seatbelt is the LAW. According to WIVB, both State and Local Police will be out for "the next two weeks, cracking down on people who don’t follow the seat belt laws." This means that officers will be on the lookout for people who are not wearing their seat belts and  checkpoints will even be set up to monitor motorists. "Buckle Up New York, Click It... Or Ticket, is a statewide, zero-tolerance enforcement effort coordinated by the State Police, local agencies, sheriff's offices and the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee to increase safety restraint use in New York State", according to SafeNY.com.

New York was actually the first state to make wearing your seatbelt a law. In 1985 the law was passed which made not wearing your seatbelt a reason for officers to pull you over.

What exactly is the "seatbelt law" in NY State?

This is who must wear safety restraints!

  • All front seat occupants regardless of age.  The driver is responsible for all front seat passengers under age 16.
  • All rear seat passengers under age 16.
  • All children under 4 years old must be restrained in a federally approved child safety seat.
  • Children ages 4, 5, 6 and 7 must be properly restrained in an appropriate child restraint system, one that meets the child's height and weight recommendations according to the child restraint manufacturer.

According to SafeNY.com,"21 percent of highway deaths in New York State occurred to occupants who were unrestrained.  This was a greater factor than alcohol or excessive speed."

Please do your part and make sure everyone in you car is buckled up before you put the car in drive.

The Click It or Ticket campaign will run today through June 4, 2017.


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