It should go without saying because it's a serious offense, that driving while intoxicated should never happen. There are Uber rides, taxis, friends, and family members available to drive you home if you felt like you have had way too much to drink.

The law enforcement in Western New York does a superb job at protecting citizens and roadways from drunk drivers, although sometimes the stories from these drunk driving experiences can leave you scratching your head.

This story definitely qualifies as "bizarre."

According to the West Seneca Police Department's weekly blotter report, a West Seneca PD officer located a car that was stopped at a green light at the intersection of Union and Clinton on Saturday morning, August 28th.

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The woman behind the wheel had fallen asleep, so the officer had to wake her up.

The woman then put the vehicle in park and oddly enough, hit the gas pedal when the light went from red back to green. Then, she put the car in drive and struck a curb.

The Officer obviously suspected she was intoxicated, so he asked the 23-year-old Depew resident for her license, and instead of giving him her license, she gave the officer her phone charger...

After failing field sobriety tests, she was placed under arrest for DWI and released with an appearance ticket. Her vehicle was impounded as well.

I'm not an expert, but handing over your phone charger when the officer asks you for your license is definitely a good way to show intoxication.

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