One of the biggest drinking days of the year is here.  St. Patrick's Day in Buffalo is upon us, and that combined with the NCAA Tournament at KeyBank Center will make for the ultimate party atmosphere downtown.

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When your city has a reputation for being one of the most Irish in the country, there is a good chance that quite a few pints of Guinness and shots of Jameson will be consumed.  That combined with the fact that fans will be able to purchase beer and wine inside the KeyBankCenter for the NCAA Tournament games for the first time ever means that there will be quite a few tipsy folks in Western New York.

According to Governor Kathy Hochul, New York State and local law enforcement agencies state-wide will be stepping up patrols and targeting impaired driving before, during, and after St. Patrick's Day.

The State's latest holiday enforcement campaign will start on Wednesday, March 16th, and run through Sunday, March 20th. This safety initiative is designed to reduce alcohol and drug-related traffic crashes and save lives. It is sponsored by STOP-DWI with funding from the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC).

Governor Hochul said:

We all love celebrating St. Patrick's Day with family and friends, so make sure you're celebrating safely this year,"  "I encourage all New Yorkers to plan for a safe ride home, so you can enjoy your celebration without endangering yourself and others.

Last year in New York, during the same campaign,  law enforcement issued 47,349 tickets for vehicle and traffic law violations, including 1,403 arrests for DWI.

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