The Buffalo Bills are just a day away from kicking off the NFL season in Los Angeles against the Rams and you can feel the excitement here in Western New York.

There is only one thing that could ruin the game for Bills Mafia, and it looks like that will happen. Cris Collinsworth is part of the TV broadcast. NBC has the rights to broadcast the game and Collinsworth will be on the broadcast along with Mike Trico and Melissa Stark.

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It is not bad enough that Cris Collinsworth might be the worst NFL broadcaster of all time and that he really doesn't add much to the analyst of the game, but he is a HUGE Patrick Mahomes homer that he brings the Chiefs' star quarterback into every conversation even when Kansas City isn't playing.

It is even worst when during a broadcast on National TV during Sunday Night Football, he openly commended a dirty play by a Kansas Chiefs player who was trying to hurt Josh Allen's ankle on purpose.

Now, if Cris Collinsworth was the home broadcaster for the Kansas City Chiefs, I get where you want him to be biased towards the team and give you only the positives and openly root for the team on the air, but Collinsworth is supposed to be a natural person giving you insight into the game.

Saying that a dirty play with intent to injure someone is a "Good" play is just outright dumb and for me, Collinsworth lost a lot of credibility that night.

So if you really want to enjoy the game, you best mute the TV and listen to old Van Miller calls from the 1990s Super Bowl runs.

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