The Buffalo Bills say the deadline to register to be in the bus and limo lot for game days at New Era Field, during the 2019 season, is September 16th.

Back in the spring, the Bills changed the tailgate rules for the bus and limo lot. You can no longer set up tailgate parties inside that lot. Instead, for $15 they can be part of a new, more controlled, tailgating experience along the side the lot, according to WIVB.

You can still pay the $100 to be in the bus and limo lot but just can't tailgate.

Fewer buses and limos have registered with the new rules this year.

“We’ve gotten very good feedback from fans that are opting into the program,” said Andy Major, vice president of operations for the Bills. “They’ve come to games in the past, they’ve seen what was going on in the past. They’re happy about the changes. they feel like it’ll be a positive difference maker from a fan behavior standpoint , and then there’s others hat don’t want to participate, they maybe don’t ant to give it a chance.”

If you do park in the bus and limo lot, you WILL need an advance permit. The Bills say they are strictly enforcing that this year.

Those permits can be booked at or the Bills website.

Read the full story at WIVB.

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