The Buffalo Sabres don't play another game until mid-October, but many fans are expecting another dismal season in store, especially considering the team traded away Rasmus Ristolainen, Sam Reinhart and lost both Linus Ullmark and Jake McCabe to free agency.

The offseason has slowed down some, but captain Jack Eichel is still on the roster and many are expecting that not to be the case come October.

As for ticket sales, it's still unclear how many people will buy ticket packages for the 2021-2022 regular season.

If you have looked at the season ticket package schedule this week, you may have noticed that the Sabres seemed to have used old logos for multiple teams.

This is from Sabresmextrix on Twitter.

The teams in question appear to be Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Arizona.

Arizona uses the Kachina logo mostly these days and Edmonton has a different shade of blue for its logo.

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I mean, it's small but it's details such as this that Sabres fans are and will continue to cling to as long as the team continues to perform badly on the ice.

The small stuff like using outdated logos for other teams will be much more noticeable for people because the team isn't good enough to hold people's attention. I'm sure small details were missed when the Sabres were good in the mid-2000s (or maybe they weren't), but a good hockey team masks a lot of small mistakes made by an organization when it comes to non-hockey aspects,

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