Earlier this year, Eddie Vedder's 17-year-old daughter Olivia released her musical debut — "My Father's Daughter," which was co-written by her dad and Glen Hansard. Now, professional-shot footage has been uploaded of her performing the track at this year's Ohana Festival.

Olivia performed the song alongside Hansard, Ozzy Osbourne producer Andrew Watt and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Watch the footage below.

"My Father's Daughter" was written for the soundtrack for Sean Penn's new movie Flag Day, which also features several other compositions by Vedder and Hansard, as well as Cat Power. The Pearl Jam frontman and Penn have a longstanding working relationship together, dating back to the 1995 film Dead Man Walking, 2001's I Am Sam and, perhaps most notably, 2007's Into the Wild.

The Flag Day soundtrack is available now, check out the rest of the songs with this link.

Olivia is one of two daughters Eddie Vedder and his wife Jill have together. Harper is the younger of the two — she's 13 years old — but she had a musical experience of her own with their rocker father back in 2016 when they sang the Batman theme song together for SiriusXM.

Vedder described how his life changed when he had children back in 2013 during an interview with Huffington Post.

"It changes you. There's no way to avoid that. My patterns as a human were fairly established. I thought that parenting would be a sidecar to everything I was doing. If anything, I was in the sidecar," the singer said. "In a myriad of ways, it's going to change everything. Being a parent could take your focus away, but it could also add focus. It takes your focus away because you have a constant responsibility and beautiful distraction."

Olivia Vedder, "My Father's Daughter" Live at Ohana Festival 2021

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