t's almost time to retire the vampires, ghosts, ghouls and goblins for this Halloween. Consider this the last call to get scared, spooked, and surprised. There are so many venues to visit. From makeshift hauntings constructed in strip malls, to haunted hayrides through the countryside there is no shortage of places to enjoy the vibe of the season.

Check out 'What Kind of Halloween Home Body Are You'  to see where you rank in celebrating this day. Well, there is one unique venue that goes above and beyond. Not only does the Mikolajewski Family invite people right to their home to look at all the cool displays, but they also host guided tours as they take visitors around through their 2-3 acre property showcasing displays that go from classic Halloween decorations to extraterrestrials and beyond.

WIVB reports that The 4th Annual Haunted Woods Walk, on Orchard Park Road in West Seneca, will be holding tours one last time this Friday and Saturday starting at 7 p.m. The Haunted Woods Walk takes place at the home of the Mikolajewski Family, and all the displays are crafted by the family. It is truly a labor of love, not only for Halloween but for all the animals that are helped by the SPCA. You see the best part of visiting this attraction is that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the SPCA Serving Erie County.

The price for a one-hour guided tour is only $5.00 but you need to make reservations for this family-friendly event by calling  716-826-4133.

The fact that the Mikolajewski Family crafted these displays, all to benefit the SPCA, is amazing. The decorations at my home when I was younger consisted of cut-out figures taped to the windows along with the plastic witches and pumpkins.

Check out some real institutions in the area that are considered haunted below.

The Buffalo Psyche Ward

The Buffalo Psyche Ward

Buffalo's Central Terminal

A look at Buffalo's Central Terminal

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