Buffalo was able to watch Emmanuel Sanders play for just one season here.  He quickly became a fan favorite, but he's moved on to other things.

Players in the NFL are often here today and gone tomorrow.  It's not uncommon to have an NFL player become one of your favorites then suddenly leave your team to play other places.  In the case of Vontae Davis, it was even more sudden than anyone anticipated.

Emmanuel Sanders is one of those players that came into Buffalo, had an impact on his community, and made some fans on and off the field, but then was suddenly gone.

He was only signed to the Bills for one year, so he didn't owe anyone anything here.  But after the season ended, many fans were hoping that he might put the pads on for just one more and re-sign with the Bills.  He had already been around the league, playing for Denver, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and New Orleans before coming here and when the 2021 season ended, he was still unsure of his future.

Over the summer he finally decided that it was time to call it quits.  He signed a contract with the Denver Broncos for one day and retired as a Bronco.

Now, he's made the announcement that he isn't done with the NFL just yet.  However, his talents won't be used on the field anymore.  His next adventure will be in front of a camera.  He's coming to the NFL Network.

It turns out that his guest starring role on Good Morning Football was more than just a cameo.  It was a job interview.


If you'd like to see more from former Buffalo Bill Emmanuel Sanders, you'll be able to find him on GameDay Morning Sunday at 9am.

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