In lieu of the Allentown Art Festival's creative pieces of work brought to the streets of Buffalo, we thought we would get a little creative ourselves with our Art Posts, and find as many famous Art's as we can. OK, maybe only 5, because seriously who wants to spend their entire day looking up Art's... Yeah, that's what I thought! But here goes with what we've got! By the way we have a hometown Art in there as well. OH yes, there is a famous Art from Buffalo, New York... What just pointing that out! Anyway check out our list of Arts below!

Famous Arts

1. Art Garfunkel- A famous songwriter, singer, actor, and poet! Not to bad Art. Anyone know who Simon and Garfunkel is... Yeah now we're talking, this is what Art #1 is best known for. Originally named "Tom and Jerry", the dynamic duo spent 13 years together, before they decided to go their separate ways. No worries it was a clean break-up... not like the one you had with your last boyfriend! Anyway they have come back together here and there for revival concerts and such!

Check out one of the songs Simon and Garfunkel are best known for "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

2. Artie Shaw- Famous Jazz clarinetist, composer, bandleader, and an author for both fiction and non-fiction writing. He also did some work on the big screen, nothing major but still just another item to add to his resume.  Artie Shaw's actual name was Arthur Jacob Arshawsky, I supposed people felt Artie Shaw was so much easier! Anyway, to this day Artie is known and one of jazz's finest clarinetist.

Check out a clip from one of his films, where he played a bandleader and their clarinetist!

3. Artie Lange- On top of acting he is also a comedian, radio personality, and author. He worked on the Howard Stern Show starting in 2001, but was let go after some serious personal issues including trying to kill himself. Personally, I love his movies. He may not be a lead roll, but he definitely adds to a movie. Some of my favorites would have to be, Dirty Work (which I am pretty sure nobody under the age of 25 has ever seen... what a shame!), The Bachelor (I know, Lame right. OH well, it's good!), and who can forget Old School, great movie!

As much as I love his filmography, I felt a clip from one of his stand-up's was more appropriate!

4. Art Carney- This famous Art did any form of acting you can think of and was the best at what he did. He was an actor for film, stage, radio, and television! An Academy Award Winner for his work as Harry in "Harry and Tonto"!

Check out the trailer below!

5. Art Wander- Saving our hometown best for last! Artie was a radio announcer and programmer. This Art has actually found himself a nice seat in the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall Of Fame, since 2008. To those who listened to him on WGR and 1400-AM he was known as "Artie Baby Boo-Boo"! Later in his career he was picked up by Empire Sports Network and has retired in 2002! Bet you didn't know that he played a role in breaking the Beatles in the United States.

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