The snow sure has piled up quickly around Buffalo and Western New York. Even though we are going to see more mild temperatures today, there is more snow and cold in the forecast. But beyond the driving issues and potential flight delays, there is another side effect of the snowfall in the Buffalo area and you can help keep it at bay.

When the snow totals reach 12" or more and the plows go by, the fire hydrants in your neighborhood become packed in. This becomes a problem for firefighters who might need to use them.

Seconds count when it comes to putting out a fire and if there is a large snow pack covering the hydrants in your neighborhood, firefighters have to dig to get them freed. UNLESS you clean it out for them.

It really doesn't take long to dig out a fire hydrant and it may actually help if your house ever catches fire.

Fire Hydrant In The Snow

I see fire hydrant buried in the snow and I often wonder how others don't see that as a problem that they can help solve? Even if it is a hydrant that is between properties or just down the street, it is worth the time to move the snow from it.

Just about every fire company in Western New York is taking new members and it may be the perfect opportunity for you to give back to the community. From EMS crews to the crews that battle the flames, there are plenty of positions open. Apply today!

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