2 proud sports cities that generally are not fans of each other put aside their differences to remember a hero on Thursday night.

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The Buffalo Sabres played in Boston on Thursday, and it was not the game their fans were hoping for. They lost 7-1. This is all while they are in a fight for a playoff spot. The Boston Bruins are a juggernaut this season, sitting in first place and only losing at home 2 all year. So while it wasn't a surprise the Sabres lost it was still a punch in the gut, especially after yet another tragedy hit the Buffalo community this week.

Firefighter Killed in Buffalo

37-year-old Buffalo Firefighter Jason Arno was killed battling a 4-alarm fire in Buffalo's theater district on Wednesday. He leaves behind a wife and a 3-year-old daughter. It's a devastating loss. Arno is a hero who we will all remember. Funeral arrangements are being made and when we learn of any charity or fundraising efforts we will be sure to post them. An investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing.

Buffalo and Boston

Buffalo and Boston aren't what one would call fans of each other, at least when it comes to sports. In fairness to Boston, most of that comes from Buffalo. Boston has many, many championships in hockey and football. Buffalo has, well, none. Boston fans would say Buffalo fans are jealous. Buffalo fans would say Boston fans are arrogant and entitled. Regardless, there's a lot of tension between them.

How the Boston Bruins Honored Fallen Firefighter Jason Arno

Ultimately sports are fun, but it's not what really matters in life. So the Sabres and Bruins put aside those differences for a moment on Thursday and paid their respects to Jason Arno in the Bruins' home arena.

It was a classy move by a rival to take the time to do that. Thank you to the Boston Bruins.

Massive Fire In Downtown Buffalo

A large structure fire overtakes a four-story building on Main Street in Downtown Buffalo on March 1st,

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