Chances are if you had any toys growing up at least one was from the East Aurora toy manufacturer Fisher-Price. I was infatuated, much to the chagrin of my parents,  with the popcorn bubble proper. I must have put 1,000 miles on that thing.

There are even local residents who molded for them, whether it be in their commercials, the actual toy boxes themselves, or on their website. Fisher-Price is a true cornerstone company in this community.

'The Little People' toy line is becoming the must-have toy. The Buffalo Bills release flew off the shelves and now they unveiled The Rolling Stones. Can't wait to see the Van Halen, and Motley Crue versions (this is me speculating there is no news that this will be a thing).

Well, it now looks like the classic Fisher-Price toy phone is going to be a real functioning phone for adults.  There has been an uptick in vintage classic-looking phones and radios being reintroduced for people who want to go back to a time when things seemed to be a little easier and happier.



I remember pretending to dial my grandparents, friends, and stockbroker. So there you have it- $60 bucks will get you back on your favorite childhood toy doing really important adult stuff like calling in sick to work.


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