Flowers are always a nice gesture.  It's even nicer when someone decides that they are going to take all their flowers and give them away...for free.

Flowers have a way of brightening a day.  Whether it's just because they're being thought of or it's the beauty of the flowers themselves, they just have a way of making people feel good.  Even if it's just for a while.

They can be expensive though.  It's not often that you can get a bouquet for cheap, but when you can, you should always buy the flowers.  It's good advice.  Always get the flowers.

Unless you can get them for free...

There's no context to this post on reddit, but someone decided to give a bunch of flowers away in the city of Buffalo...for free.

Obviously, they were giving them away at Lafayette and Hoyt.  There's no reason why or an update on how many they had, but what a great way to spread some smiles in your community and just make people feel good!

We had our first frost advisory in Western New York this morning, so chances are, many of the flowers that are left will soon be destroyed if they aren't covered or cut anyway.  So why not spread them out to as many people as possible so they can enjoy them before the season is over?

Just one more example of how many good people there are in the city of Buffalo.  It just feels like many times, this is one of the most generous parts of the country and that generosity grows exponentially.

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