Move over Ted's because there is a new hot dog business in town!  "Theodore's Red Hots"  recently opened in Grand Island, but is it a new business?  Perhaps not!  Theodore Liaros, owner of the company that bears his name, has in fact been in the hot dog business his entire life.  If you have not already noticed the name, Theodore's grandfather who has the same name as him, was the one who actually started "Ted's Hot Dogs" in 1927. It has been said that blood is thicker than water, but apparently not  Ketchup!  

So why the separation, that leads this long lasting family business into different paths? No one is saying for sure but Theodore was let go from his management position with the company before he went rogue. Theodore also still has partial ownership of the company. He states that "Ted's Hot Dogs" made changes that he does not agree upon.  So instead of working things out the old fashion way, he opened his own business. Which likely confuses customers since everything about it is just like Ted's.

Might make for some uncomfortable family parties for the Liaros family. With a new Theodore's opening soon on Bailey, can you feel the tension and competitiveness yet??

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