It's rare to see such a "rare" and "amazing" car like this anywhere, let alone in the Queen City.

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In downtown Buffalo, you'll see all sorts of perceived nice cars. BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, even Mazzerattis. Occasionally you'll see something truly exotic like a Ferrari or Bently which you can almost guarantee is a Buffalo Bills player.

The most common nice cars in and around WNY are usually things like Subaru STIs and very nice trucks because, ya know, snow and such. All-wheel drive and 4x4 vehicles are ideal in this area of the world and people will spend A LOT on them in some cases.

Then there is what was spotted today right next to the WBUF studios.

Certainly, we have our fair share of classic car collectors in Buffalo so it's common to see some pretty sweet rides.  After all, this is the home of the Pierce-Arrow Museum. Rare cars are more common here than most people realize. This, though, hasn't been seen since... well good question. The 90s, really.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting, in 2022, working and clearly still on the road because it's parked in a parking lot that it wasn't in yesterday, 1993 (er, early 90s) Geo Metro Convertible.


Question: HOW? How is THIS THING still on the road? How is it not completely rusted out and scrapped into anything else by now? Also who in the name of anything would take the time, effort, and money to keep this thing on the road?

The answer? A hero. That's who.

Listen it's easy to just buy a nice car if you have the means. You can even buy a classic car for a decent price if you really want one. This, however, is anything but the definition of classic. It's a statement. A good one, too.

We salute you, whoever owns this beautiful 90s trash heap of a vehicle.

Want more perspective on this car? Here's a review that summarizes it.

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