It seems not everybody agrees that America runs on Dunkin'.

Dunkin' Donuts, Facebook
Dunkin' Donuts, Facebook

Floridians Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman have been making headlines the past few years and haven't really set the best precedent. Now we have Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old woman with a severe case of entitlement and disregard for people who work in the food industry.

In the video below, Chapman goes to her local Dunkin' in Broward County, Fla. and records her visit for "video surveillance" while demanding free food after not getting a receipt for a previous purchase.

(Fair warning: This may be NSFW.)

While we understand the need to cut corners and hold companies to their policies, this girl was absolutely, 100 percent, grade-A BUGGING!

What's our beef exactly? Well, let's start with the fact that had Chapman carried herself better, this wouldn't have been so bad. Trying to include other patrons does nothing to help. Instead, it made her look like a brat.

Also, nobody antagonized her during the recorded confrontation, but she still somehow got angry enough to confront and yell racial slurs at the woman behind the counter. You're grown up. Stop that.

We tip our hats off to the Dunkin' Donuts employees who handled themselves very well during this situation. You deserve free food even after your time at DD ends. If you're in need of good neighbors, Buffalo's here for ya!

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