'Tis the season to get back on the open road and at this time of the year potholes are not the only thing motorists need to be mindful and aware of. It is officially Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. I have been riding with my dad for a few years now and no matter how many lights a bike has, or how loud a person's exhaust pipes are motorcycles are an afterthought especially after a few months with them not being on the road at all.  News 4 WIVB has the latest on what you need to know and do whether you are on two, three, or four wheels.


I guess the same can be said for anyone who rides a pedal bike or runs. Driver's just are not looking out for anything or anyone and that can be a major issue. Driving and texting, eating, or physically on the phone. We all know it's wrong and it distracts but people are doing it all the time. Be aware, be mindful, and please be safe.


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