Would you? Here's what's happening.

We're trying to study the weightlessness in space here....expect, you aren't going to space. You're going to Germany.

NASA, along with the European Space Agency and the German Aerospace Center, have launched their first joint long-term bed-rest study and they want you to sleep in these special beds on a 6 degree incline for 60 days. Of course you can have a normal day while not sleeping, but there is some specific criteria as well.

In particular, the study is searching for healthy women between 24 and 55 years old and between 5 feet and 6.2 feet tall. The study would run from early September to early December and last a total of 89 days, including 15 days for orientation and 14 days of astronaut rehab once the bed rest is finished", according to WGRZ.

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