Most people end up working most of their adult lives. And if you are one of the lucky people, in today's workforce, and you truly love what you do for a living, then as the saying states, you will never really work another day in your life. But, if you really do not like what you do there are other options, to have the means to live. You can look for a better job, take a chance and truly pursue your passion, win the lottery, hope you receive a really big inheritance from a long-lost relative, or randomly find a sack of cash somewhere. But no matter what you do, how you feel about it, and no matter how you label it... work is still working.

But when is work not work? How about when you are asleep. And can you imagine getting paid to sleep? WKBW reports that there is a company looking to pay you to snooze. Up to $1,500.


Now I would be lying if I said I never got paid to sleep. I mean anyone caught napping on the job is technically getting paid to sleep. But imagine getting cash to crash without the fear of getting caught or even worse fired.  Kick back and relax in bed while your bank account gets bigger than your favorite pillow.

Get hooked up HERE. And sleep tight TOTALLY let the Benjamins bite!


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