And just like that, Erie and Niagara Counties are zoneless as Governor Cuomo announced to take down the orange and yellow colored threats.
It seems like forever since we have been unable to go where we wanted, whenever we wanted, and however we wanted.

WIVB reports that Cuomo made the decision Monday based on lowered numbers. I was told there would be no math, so I don't know what that means, and I don't care. I feel free.

I have learned many things from all of this. I am now more patient with life in general. I appreciate more things, big or small. Not a fan of takeout. I will take home leftovers, I just prefer and enjoy sitting in an establishment.

But the one thing that has become my mantra is never, EVER take anything for granted. Like the Cinderella song, "You don't know what ya got until it's gone." Enjoy the here and now because the next moment, especially tomorrow, is not guaranteed to anyone.
I have been creating something similar to a bucket list, but this list has places I have been numerous times. I am just ecstatic to get back to them.

I am going to binge on everything from pizza at JJ's Casa Di Pizza, wings at Duff's, drinks at Lenox Bar, burgers at Grover's Bar & Grill, and all places in between.

Bar hopping is also back now because you no longer need to eat a three-course meal just to have an alcoholic beverage. Sure we ate and somebody judged us as being Covid compliant but as the number of Covid cases dropped the number of people's weight increased.

I am now ready, willing, and able to support and revisit old haunts with friends and family and I am looking for more places to go. Drop your suggestions here.


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