Just last week, a sheep got loose in Cheektowaga, and then only a few days later, a herd of cows were walking the streets in the Newstead-Akron area.

Unlike the way the sheep ran away from the West Seneca Police Department (you can see that video here), these cows were more than friendly, and they actually greeted one driver by her car when she was passing through the area. 

Cindy G shared a video of a herd of cows that got loose on May 2nd in the Newstead-Akron area, and they walked right up to her car!

You can watch the video below. 

The cow video was shared to the Living in Newstead-Akron NY Facebook page, along with a caption that said:

“If anyone lost their herd of cows they were last seen heading west on Stage Road towards the field behind Kelkenbergs event building.”

Cindy G said she checked with the Kelkenbergs to see if the cows belonged to them, and at first, they thought it was not. 

Thankfully the Kelkenbergs checked on their cows to make sure, only to realize that someone forgot to latch the gate, leading to a little “field trip” for these adventuring cows. 

Marilyn Kelkenberg did comment on the video, confirming that the cows are now all safe and in the barn. 

It would’ve been interesting to see how the West Seneca Police Department would have handled this herd…lol.

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