There is one thing all of these actual laws have in common. They all make absolutely zero sense. Some of them you might actually be breaking without realizing.

It's safe to assume you have heard the old saying laws are meant to be broken, right? Well, in the case of some of these totally dumb and idiotic laws I guess that's the case. Some of them are just so absurd to think a police officer would ever lay down a fine if you were seen doing them. To be completely fair, you could probably bet a whole lot of cash that some police officers if not all have no idea about these laws.

I find it hard to actually enforce quite a few of the laws I saw from Ranker and Only In Your State. That's the thing with these. Most of these laws are actually so outdated and forgotten and just happen to still be in place. To actually change some of these laws would be so difficult to do and waste so many tax dollars, so instead, they get completely ignored.

Imagine if they didn't though. For instance, one of the pictures below is of someone who works at the radio station doing an activity that is deemed illegal. But with how totally dumb these laws are, I doubt a police officer will be showing up to write him a ticket or arrest him.

11 Incredibly Stupid Laws In New York State

If you do any of the following actions, you might end up with a fine. But odds are you will be safe. Maybe heir on the side of caution though. Except with the flirting one, that one has to be totally wrong.

Have you heard of any other totally and utterly outlandish laws in New York State?

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