If you haven't noticed, it's National Beer Day. I have no idea why this holiday doesn't land on a Friday or Saturday every year, but if you need an excuse to call off work on a Thursday, National Beer Day on a Wednesday is as good a reason as ever to me.

Ever wondered how many beers the average person drinks a week?

WIVB reports that a new survey for National Beer Day asked beer drinkers, "how many beers they usually drink in a week?"

While some answers are typical, some people go ALL-OUT for beer drinking.

65 percent of people say one-to-four beers a week is what they're usually going for. That's normal, I guess; nothing too shocking.

However, just under five percent said 16-20 beers a week (whoa). Another five percent admitted they drink 21 or more beers a week...no, really!

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21 beers a week is three beers per day. So people are really averaging three or more beers a day? Look, we love beer. There's not much better in life than an ice-cold beer after a long hard work week on a Friday evening. 21 beers a week though is big-time beer drinking!

I don't drink much on weekdays but Saturdays are usually my cheat day, so some sour beers and IPA's mean game time.

How many beers do you drink in a given week? We won't judge.

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