John Lang is best known for being in the Bills Fan Hall of Fame. You know him more than most Bills fans, probably more than the Chefs, more than Pinto Ron and Del Reid. You just didn't know his real name.

Bills Elvis.

He is headed down to Kansas City to watch the Buffalo Bills take on the Chiefs and he will be the one to watch (you probably will see him on the TV, just like you do every week hanging over the wall in the first row at Bills Stadium). Yes, he will be in his Elvis attire.


His famous guitar, he says does not really come to away games as it does not really sit well with other fans in other stadiums. But, that led us to ask the question: how does he even get it into Bills Stadium every single week? It certainly is not on the items that are allowed into the stadium on a regular basis, right?

Hear what Buffalo Bills Elvis says about the guitar and him getting ready to head down to Kansas City to support the Bills in the AFC Championship! The Bills and Kansas City game will take place this Sunday at 6:40 PM after the NFC Championship with the Green Bay Packers and Tom Brady leading the Tampa Bay Bucs at 3:05 PM!

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