The Buffalo Bills are back in PRIME TIME against the Los Angeles Rams tonight *September 8, 2022

There is a sea of red, white, and blue throughout the 716. Office pools are paid off, with hopes of anyone in them getting paid out. "Go Bills" can be heard in every public establishment, and the general aura coming from everyone is one of comradery, but there is that little voice that whispers "What if this, that, or the other happens?" Yeah, that voice has been fed and fueled by, well I am not going down that sideline. IT'S A NEW SEASON!

Then I thought about the Buffalo Bills fan base, and how many different sub-sections of fans we have here.  So what fan base do YOU represent?


So no matter what category of fandom you fall into, know that at the end of the day, it's only still just a game. Enjoy the few hours of being distracted but try not to let it control your mood or attitude. Because we all felt the vibe day(s) after a Bills' loss, it is a real thing.

Also, if you are out in public, please take note, nobody around you cares about what you think the team should have done...and the players and the referees on the television CAN'T HEAR YOU! So stop yelling profanities at them.

You just come across as a really bad 'FAN'. A Foulmouth Annoying Nuisance.


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