There is an easy way for anyone who is new to Buffalo to have their cover blown. If you grew up here or anywhere near the 716 you already know the cringe feeling you get when someone butchers the word that we are all so familiar with.

We are proud to be a city with a professional baseball team. The season is off and swinging and Buffalo was home to the first professional baseball game in all of America this year as they hosted Iowa on opening day. The team we are so proud of? The Buffalo Bisons.

But if you are not from Buffalo, you may say BiSons. As most people in the United States might say. But here in Western New York we know that it is BiZons! That's right, BiZons.

It is a dead giveaway and cringe worthy when I hear someone say BiSons. It may sound picky, but there we do things and say things a certain way and outsiders better understand we are not about to change anytime soon.

The Bisons are back in town this week and hopefully our weather will cooperate!

It is the same feeling I get when I hear people say they are eating "Buffalo wings". They are simply, wings.

The list goes on and on but the Buffalo Bisons are at the top of the list of words that are mispronounced (according to us) most often by anyone new to Buffalo. The Bisons' games are so much fun! If you have a family, take them to a game at Sahlen Field this summer and get ready for some affordable family fun!

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