Szymon Szemberg, the communications director for this year's World Junior Championships in Buffalo, has blasted "twittering players and Euro bloggers" who have put down the City of Buffalo during the games here.

"No people to be found in the downtown area, no bars, no malls, they complain. So what? European reporters should be in their hotel room writing previews and features and at the HSBC Arena or at the Dwyer Arena in Lewiston to cover the games and talk to the players. There is no time to loiter in the streets," he writes on the IIHF website. "Players? Shouldn’t they focus on practicing, playing, team meetings, answering media questions in mixed zones and checking out TSN’s superior coverage of the IIHF World U20 Championship in their hotel rooms? How can there be time for Twittering?"

Read his entire blog here, along with a nice piece about Niagara Falls.

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