There is so much paranormal activity in this area. And whether you believe in spirits, apparitions, ghosts, or paranormal activity in general, I have no doubt that there is a certain energy in certain places not only here, but around the world.

There are stories of voices being heard, as if a party is happening, in the basement of the Town Ballroom, a favorite hang out of the infamous gangster Al Capone. The Mansion on Delaware Avenue has stories of a child standing at the foot of the bed of sleeping guests as they wake up. There is also the Central Terminal which has received national attention with people trying to capture paranormal activity. You can check the pictures of what The Terminal looked like before being shut down HERE. And right in the same neighborhood, The Iron Island* Museum. *(The neighborhood was named "Iron Island" because it is surrounded by railroad tracks).

The museum was built in 1883 and is located on 998 East Lovejoy Street in Buffalo, on property that used to be a former church and then a funeral home that was owned by Amigone Funeral Homes. The Amigone family would later donate the property to the Iron Island Preservation Society and Museum.

Since then there have been tours, recordings, and reports on the supernatural ongoings within its walls.

WIVB recently took a visit: CLICK to see the story and hear the voices. You be the judge.

Now my grandfather, Frank, worked for the Amigone family as a maintenance associate so he did spend some time at that particular building when it was still a funeral home.  I asked him once if he ever had experienced anything out of the ordinary. He said, in my grandfather’s true sense of being. “I don’t know. I was too busy working to get a job done to ever notice anything”. But he then did go on to say that out of all of the funeral homes that he had to go to (and that was all of them) The Iron Island Museum definitely had a different kind of feel, vibe, and air to it.

Another suspected haunted establishment, not mentioned above is the Buffalo Psychiatric Center. Get up close and personal with some pictures below.

The Buffalo Psyche Ward

The Buffalo Psyche Ward

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