We love Thanksgiving dinner.  We love pizza.  This pizzeria decided it was time to put them all together in one slice.

Is there a better dinner combination than what comes on a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner plate?  You get turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, and cranberry sauce all on one plate.

Now, imagine that combination on a slice of pizza.  Someone at Macy's Place Pizzeria has already done it and we can't decide if it's brilliant or abominable.

What is Macy's Place Pizzeria?

Macy's Place Pizzeria is a pizza place with two locations in Western New York.  There's one in Kenmore, and one in Cheektowaga.  They pride themselves on having "insane pizza, wings, subs, and more."

Their flavor combinations are definitely unique and I can say from experience that they are absolutely incredible if you're brave enough to try them.  One of our favorites is one they call the Nick-fil-A which has pieces of fried chicken, waffle fries, and even Chik-Fil-A sauce on it.  It's different, but it's delicious.

We've seen just about everything from creations like the Nick-Fil-A to a fish fry pizza.

What is on a Thanksgiving Pizza?

Yesterday while scrolling through X, I found a picture of what they called a Thanksgiving Dinner Plate Pizza.

From the looks of the picture, I can see pieces of turkey, some corn, stuffing, a little gravy, some mashed potatoes, and even some cranberry sauce.

It also looks like it isn't the first time they've had it.  It was on their facebook page two years ago too.

Does the Thanksgiving Dinner Plate Pizza look good to you?

I can't make up my mind.  Just looking at it, I want to say it looks like something I wouldn't choose.  But I have to be honest, I feel like it would be ridiculous to not even try it.  It could be amazing!

What do you think?  Would you want to try this?

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