We all know someone that you would call a Tool, so we decided that every Monday we would shine a spotlight on the bottom of the gene pool with Jack FM's "Tool of the Week" brought to you by Lakeshore Hardware and Tool Rental.

This week's tool comes to us from Washington State

According to komonews.com, a 51 year old man was arrested for DWI after he lead police on a high-speed chase and let his dog drive! 


A Washington state man was arrested Sunday following a high speed chase on Interstate 5 in which the suspect's pet pit bull may have been driving the vehicle during part of the incident, authorities said.

Authorities have not publicly identified the 51-year-old man who is from Lakewood but he is facing several charges, including DUI, reckless driving, hit-and-run and felony eluding, the Washington State Patrol said. It was not immediately clear where he was being held or if bond has been set in the case.

No word yet if the dog is facing any charges!



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