We all know someone that you would call a Tool, so we decided that every Monday we would shine a spotlight on the bottom of the gene pool with Jack FM's "Tool of the Week" brought to you by Lakeshore Hardware and Tool Rental.

This week's tool comes to us from a police department in Louisiana

According to WGNTV.com, not all tools are criminals. This police department used the siren effect from the movie series "The Purge" to alert residents of the start to a coronavirus curfew.

Acadia Parish is currently under a 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew in which citizens are not to leave their homes. If they do, they could receive a citation.


To initiate the start of the curfew, patrol cars reportedly drove around the parish sounding an alarm that is eerily familiar, if not identical, to the one used in the movie “The Purge.”


“The Purge” is a popular horror film based on an America that has government-sanctioned “purges,” yearly blocks of

hours when all crime, including murder and rape, is legal.


Here is a clip from the movie "The Purge"


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