We all know someone that you would call a Tool, so we decided that every Monday we would shine a spotlight on the bottom of the gene pool with Jack FM's "Tool of the Week" brought to you by Lakeshore Hardware and Tool Rental.

This week's tool comes to us from Florida...AGAIN!!

According to WTSP.com, A man in Florida came up with the brilliant idea to get out of work...calling in a bomb threat!

A Palm Beach County man ended up in handcuffs Wednesday over something most people struggle with periodically-- wanting to go to work.


But, according to deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, 36-year-old Richard Hamilton took it too far, calling in a false bomb threat to get out of doing so.


Hamilton was arrested and charged with one count of a fake report of a bomb, arson, weapon of mass destruction of public property.

If the guy was smart,  he could have just coughed really loud several times and we are sure he would have been sent home!!

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