We all know someone that you would call a Tool, so we decided that every Monday we would shine a spotlight on the bottom of the gene pool with Jack FM's "Tool of the Week"

This week's tool comes to us from Kingston, Massachusetts.

According to WCVB TV, A youth hockey coach was fired from his job after he stormed onto the ice and spit in the face of a referee after he was ejected from the game.

In the middle of the second period, a Monarchs coach began banging on the door and shouting profanities at the referee.


The Monarchs received a minor bench penalty for the coach's actions, but he kept shouting at the referee, who ultimately decided to eject that coach from the game.


Witnesses said the coach then walked onto the ice and spat in the referee's face. The referee is then seen pushing the coach on video, but Eugene Binda, the local referee coordinator and the referee's nephew, claimed the official did it out of self-defense because he was being spat on.


The coach is then seen throwing punches at the referee, and he eventually tackles the official to the ground.



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