Let's not forget that long before Jamie Foxx was winning oscars and rapping with Kanye West, he was making us laugh on "In Living Color" with his hilarious "Wanda" character. That's why I was looking forward to Foxx's second stint as host on Saturday Night Live, where there was no need for him to take himself so seriously.

Foxx didn't disappoint and did a decent job of waging war on the twinkie as a living Ding Dong.

"Y'all act like the twinkie was the only one with a delicious, creamy filling, I used to be top of the snack game, baby." ," Foxx lamented. "This is snack profiling."

Dong, as he likes to be referred, apparently is returning to his rap roots with songs featuring Wonder Bread, Little Debbie and Honey Bun.

Foxx's new Quentin Tarrantino movie "Django Unchained" opens this weekend, and it was recently announced that he will play Electro in "The Amazing Spiderman 2", so his hosting SNL was some well timed self-promotion.

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