The Buffalo Bills had their worst game of the 2022 regular season this past Sunday afternoon against the New York Jets. In fact, you could argue it was their worst game since last November's road game at thee Jacksonville Jaguars.

While the Jets are a much improved team this season, mainly on defense, the Bills still should have won that game, but mistakes and the poor play of Josh Allen were why the Jets ultimately won, 20-17.

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Allen threw two of the worst interceptions of his career and did not throw a touchdown pass, even though he did run for 80 yards and two touchdowns, which included a long touchdown run.

The Bills losing is not what Bills fans are worried about, however, it's his elbow injury.

Allen's arm and elbow was hit on the third-to-last pass play of the game for the Bills and according to both Ian Rapoport and Chris Mortensen, the elbow injury has to do with the UCL, which is the main ligament within the elbow.

Mortensen reports it's not only the UCL but "related nerves," which raised many eyebrows on Sunday evening and Monday.

Allen had a UCL injury in his rookie season back in 2018, which caused him to miss four games.

According to former NFL head doctor and current medical analyst David Chao, this injury is concerning because if Allen needs surgery (which would be a full tear), his season is over.

Chao said there's no guarantee he plays against the Minnesota Vikings this week and UCL injuries have hampered the likes of Ben Roethlisberger and Jake Delhomme.

Chao seemed to imply in the video that if it's "mild," he would miss a short time. We haven't heard that yet and head coach Sean McDermott said on Monday they will have further tests done and hope to know more by Tuesday.

Doctor Chao isn't in the Bills facilities, so he doesn't know exactly what's going on, but he was a doctor in the NFL for 17 years and is a leading expert on medical analysis, when it comes to NFL injuries.

Bills fans are holding their collective breath.

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