They say you can't win if you don't play, and one lucky Lancaster resident is definitely happy he decided to play. Can you imagine running into your usual go to gas station, grabbing some gas, a cold drink and well... 3 million dollars!?

According to WIVB, A 29 year old from Lancaster is now  Erie County’s new New York State Lottery millionaire.  Ramiro Chagolla Arreaga bought himself a scratch-off ticket from the C Store located on Broadway rd in Lancaster. Arreaga purchased the $3 Million Mayhem scratch-off and ended up scratching the winning jackpot combo! He had this to say when talking with WIVB reporters:

“I buy Lottery scratch-off tickets for the fun of it, When I realized I had won the jackpot my heart was pumping a lot!”


Arreaga decided to receive his prize as a one-time lump sum payment... and after taxes he will receive a net check totaling $1,598,884, Now that's one way to finish up a weekend! I wonder if going to work tomorrow is still in plans for him. Check out the full story here. 

I actually also bought a couple scratch-off tickets today after hearing about this...and I WON...two bucks but next time I'm feelin' it'll be the jackpot.

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