LAST CALL FOR FALL is here in Western New York. Snow has already been reported which means the leaves will be off the trees sooner than later. If you are looking to look at the magnificence that is the changing of colors you need to act soon because as you will see below, the window of opportunity is closing.

There are so many great places to take in all the different colors of this time of year as well. And even though it seems like the season was off to a slow start. Mother Nature is speeding things up which means time is of the essence if you want to snap that perfect picture of all the orange, red, yellow, and auburn in the great outdoors.

The season is nearing its peak season and in most places, it is already over. Check out the Foliage Report from WGRZ and

Dress warm and get ready to take a lot of pictures that you will probably never look at after that day.

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