Husbands, this is to you this Valentine’s Day, and your quest to make her happy. 

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A quick note: this is not an attempt to value traditional genders in any way more than modern genders and identities. For this, we are looking at stereotypical marriages, but it can be applied to any one of any gender or sexuality in a relationship.  

Husbands, you should be trying to make her happy on Valentine's Day. Is it a marketing ploy to sell more candy, flowers, and romantic stuff all geared toward women that has nothing to do with men? Yes. 100%. That’s OK though. The reality is you don’t have to fall into the marketing schemes to make her happy.

Now, you could listen to her and do something for her based on her likes, wants, desires, wishes, etc. and hopefully, you’ll be doing that. She’s your partner, your best friend. You want to have their back and do super thoughtful things for them.

Then again… you’re a husband. Ladies, ear muffs for a moment, please…

I know your pain. Guys are often looked at to be strong providers who sacrifice a lot for the ones they love. Even in our current society where those ideologies are becoming less and less (rightfully so), they are still the norm. So you work hard. Probably too hard. You rarely get to do the things you want to do. No one else can really shovel/snow blow the driveway, fix that gutter, hang that picture, figure out why the furnace is making that noise, take her car in for service ( I know…), lift anything heavy, be warm because Lord knows she’s always freezing, and kill spiders because they are, in fact, the spawn of satan and out to get her. 

You’re tired. You're achy. You’re at the point where, in lew of gifts, you’ll take peace and quiet. 

Sound at least somewhat right? I promise this is a safe space and I’m here to help. 

The thing is, you do love your wife and you do want to do something nice for her. You just don’t have the bandwidth to come up with something unique. Or, maybe she’s just not into the typical Valentine’s Day stuff. Maybe you’ve been there, done that. 

So, in the spirit of, “what the heck do I do for my wife on Valentine’s Day this year?” I offer you this simple thing that, if done right, will absolutely make her day perfect. 


Here it is…


Clean the house. 


Not because women do the cleaning. That’s a dead-and-over-with sexist thought. At least, it should be. No, clean the house HER WAY, so she doesn’t have to do even a share of the work. 

Understand… I’m not saying vacuum. I’m not saying pick up stuff. I’m not saying Swiffer the shelves. I’m saying CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE. Scrub the floors. Use pledge. Vacuum ALL the things. Clean the windows and mirrors. Clean under the furniture, refrigerator, and oven. Do it with all the effort you possibly can and don’t let her lift a finger. Do it the way you KNOW she would want it done.  

This will be exhausting. Because her way is NOT your way. 

However, she will love this gift because:

  1. It’s effort. More effort than flowers. (get those too just because)
  2. It’s sexy for a husband to clean the house. No really… 
  3. It’s a simple thing she doesn’t have to think about now. Just like you want peace and quiet, she wants to not have to deal with more tasks that need doing. 

Does this apply to all women? Of course not. Does gender even actually matter in this? Not at all. This can be applied to anyone in a relationship as described above. I’m giving you my personal situation and experience. So, apply this as you will. 

Plus it didn’t cost a thing. 

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