As STAINED sings "It's been a while" which by the way, they along with KORN will be coming to  Darien Lake on August 24. But I digress. It's been a while since we, as Western New Yorkers, have been out to celebrate all the great events this area has to offer. Whether you are into art, music, food, or all of the above there doesn't seem to be a shortage of having a little fun in the sun this summer.

Sure some events like The Allentown Art Festival have taken another year off due to timing constraints but there are eleven other major events that are planning to go off without a hitch... or in most cases without a mask.

STEP OUT BUFFALO has your guide as to where you need to be to feast on food, mellow out to music, or be awestricken by art. From hanging out on the front porches (kind of) in Elmwood to looking high in the sky to see jet fighters 'buzz the tower' there is something for all the senses this summer for Western New Yorkers

Now the complete list is at STEP OUT BUFFALO but here are a few of my favorites and who knows if we see each other out, I'll buy you a beer (21 and over). Enjoy!



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