So it looks like Buffalo is not only famous for making chickens and their wings popular worldwide, there is now a festival celebrating everything with feathers. The bird is the word at least from February 12th until February 14th. This year the festival will be virtual and you can learn more here. WGRZ reports that Keynote speaker J. Drew Lanham from Clemson University will be talking about the intersection of race and conservation.

This area is nested (pun intended) with all kinds of flying creatures. Hawks can be seen along the waterfront, even perched up along the 33. And waterfowl are everywhere. Ducks and geese dominate Delaware Park. Two eagles were recently photographed in Hamburg. Living in the city I still get excited when I catch a glimpse of a Blue Jay (no not the baseball players) or a Cardinal (no not the football players).

I get so excited I have an APP for different bird calls so I now can identify what bird is hanging around me. Holy...I just realized writing that I am turning into my grandfather. I'm skipping right over my dad and going right into geriatric bliss.

In any event, Western New York has so much wildlife to offer we can now add birds to the list of great things in the area to look up to.  


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