You may remember the story of the little boy who was given the choice between Buffalo pizza or a Nintendo Switch.  He got both this past weekend and even more.

The little boy's name is Kenly.  He and his family are from Ohio, but his mom is originally from here.  Kenly was given a choice for his 10th birthday - He could either have a Nintendo Switch (which he really wanted) or a trip to Buffalo for some Western New York style pizza.  He had tried it before and thought it was just the best thing in the world.

He loved the Buffalo pizza so much, that he chose to return to Franco's to get the pizza that he loved as his birthday wish.

When Franco's heard that they were his choice, not only did they get him that pizza...but they also hooked him up with the Nintendo Switch.  It was a solid move on Franco's part.

They weren't alone in wanting to make sure the kid was a Buffalo pizza fan for life.  According to WIVB, LaNova Pizza threw him another party and invited one of their friends from the Buffalo Bills.  Left Tackle Dion Dawkins also known as the Schnowman here in Buffalo came to show Kenly how to make a pizza.

What a crazy birthday!  He gets pizza party after pizza party, he gets to hang out with a Buffalo Bill...and then this happens:

This past couple years, people have really stepped up their generosity here in the Queen City and it's so good to be amongst it.  Happy Birthday to Kenly.  Thank you for choosing our city to show off how incredibly cool it is.


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