Sometimes I wonder what it was like before the 17-year Bills playoff drought. If you're in that 21-35 years old age bracket, then you likely knew nothing but losing when it came to Bills football and maybe a little less love than others for the NFL.

It's no secret the New England Patriots were a major pain in the side of Bills fans for nearly two decades. Longtime quarterback Tom Brady was the number one cause of that, and it appears the Patriots dynasty is over now that he's gone...but there is another Patriots player Bills fans don't like that appears to be done with New England as well.

According to Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston, Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman showed up on the NFL's transaction wire for having his contract terminated by New England...but it's expected to just be part of a future retirement for him -- since he's been contemplating hanging up his pads lately.

To say Edelman has caused Bills fans pain and frustration would be an understatement. He caught over 600 passes in his Patriots career (many of them against Buffalo) and also added another 118 catches in the postseason. He was Brady's number one target since the early 2010s and originally drafted in 2009.

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It's not quite official but it certainly seems as if Edelman will retire and considering he's about to turn 35 and there's no more Brady, I can't say I'm surprised; especially given his recent injury history.

New England's playing catch up to the Bills -- it feels sooooo good to say that.

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