When Luke Combs gives his approval, you know it’s something special. 

A Buffalo woman attended a Luke Combs concert at Madison Square Garden with her boyfriend, and while she was up on her feet for most of the night, her boyfriend dropped down to one knee.

Elishah Drzazga was emotional when she realized her boyfriend, Marlon D Matos, was proposing. 

“I never knew I could cry this hard from joy!” Elishah said.

The moment was completely unexpected and heartwarming, especially with how difficult the last few months had been for the couple. 

Elishah shared some of the details of those hardships on Instagram:

“He brought me here after having a house fire, losing everything, and in need of healing. I never knew I could cry this hard

While the engagement itself would make anyone emotional, Luke Combs’ response from the stage inside Madison Square Garden made the moment even more special. 

As Luke Combs was singing the song “The Other Guy” with a red solo cup full of whiskey in hand, Marlon D Matos got down on one knee and proposed. 

Luke Combs raised his red solo cup to cheer to the newly engaged couple in the audience. 

Then -- Luke Combs did something completely unexpected. 

Combs managed to toss his red solo cup, still full of whiskey, to Marlon D Matos to congratulate him on his new fiancé. 

Watch the video below. 

I’m impressed that Luke Combs tossed the cup and managed to not spill a drop. 

Marlon D Matos kept the cup, of course, and when the newly engaged couple walked out of Madison Square Garden, they celebrated on Instagram.

“This is his cup,” Marlon D Matos said. “He threw it at me, acknowledging our engagement.”

Here is another angle of the proposal.

Even Luke Combs would agree; these two are “Better Together” (pun intended).

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