North America's largest go-kart track is located just north of us, The Niagara Speedway, better known as the Mario Kart inspired track, is set to reopen for the season.. announced the exciting news that the Mario Kart inspired go-kart track, located in the Falls, is set to reopen for the 2019 season. The multi-level race track opened May of last year and quickly became a popular attraction for visitors both near and far.

The Niagara Speedway has plans to reopen the race track doors in time for March break, which falls on March 11th-15th. This of course is weather permitting, and any chance of snow or winter weather could result in the actual opening being postponed.

I have yet to try it myself, but I've heard from both friends and co-workers that this attraction is nothing less of awesome!! The multi- level track features twists, turns and corkscrews, that make you feel like you're inside the actual Mario Kart game...But please, leave the banana peels at home!

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