They say cats have nine lives, but one pooch in Kansas City is proving dogs can more than hold their own.

A three-month-old puppy somehow survived after being locked in a car for almost an entire month.

The terrier-schnauzer mix managed to get by eating garbage from McDonald’s that was in the vehicle, although there was no water for her to drink.

Animal welfare officials have named the animal Kia, after the kind of car in which she was found.

A worker at the tow lot where the car has been located since April 8 noticed Kia on Monday. Police were summoned and broke into the vehicle to free her.

Amazingly, the car’s owner reportedly stopped by the tow yard on May 1 to look at the vehicle and didn't appear to make any mention of the dog.

Kia is now staying at an animal shelter and officials hope to get her into a foster home and then put her up for adoption. She is expected to be fine, despite being dehydrated and underweight. Authorities, meanwhile, continue to try and hunt down Kia’s owners, who could face charges.

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